1. If it does not work on your phone at all or it does not record opposite side voice clearly, please try to mix different audio source setting in edit device page:
    • Record using MIC (recommended and worked for almost devices)
    • Record using MIC as voice recognition if available
    • Record using phone feature (the best if it\'s supported)
    • Record voice of caller (not phone owner)
    • Record voice of phone owner
  2. To turn of Auto-update, open this link from your device and un-check Auto-update
  3. There is a limitation for some phones that don't support recording from phone line or handsfree or bluetooth. It’s recording driver problem made by manufacturer of the phone. Please, mail us about this so we can update the list of not supported devices here
  4. By using Wi-Fi & mobile network location instead of GPS, we may can't get 100% exactly recording location but it will save your battery
  5. Will the app run after rebooting? Yes, it will
  6. How many devices I can manage per account? Unlimited
  7. How many call logs Call Backup can save? Unlimited
  8. How many request I can send to device? Unlimited
  9. Record now/schedule/daily recording maximum length: 4 minutes
  10. Call recording maximum length: up to 20 minutes
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